A Social-Media Decoder

Technology Review.  From his 24th-floor corner office in midtown Manhattan, the veteran CBS research chief David Poltrack can gaze southward down the Avenue of the…

Sony 3D Experience Celebrates First Anniversary

CBS Vision and Sony Electronics will celebrate their first anniversary as 3D hub partners this month. …

CBS Vision Wins 2011 ARF Ogilvy Award Honoring Research Excellence

CBS Vision Takes the Gold in 2011 ARF Ogilvy Awards…

CBS Vision Named as Finalist in 2011 ARF Ogilvy Awards Honoring Research Excellence

CBS Vision Named as Finalist in 2011 ARF Ogilvy Awards…

Sony 3D Experience opening in Vegas
10/14/10 CBS originally opened Television City-a consumer research venture-to test pilots, Internet content and new technology. Sony recently came on board as sponsor for a 3,000 sq. foot addition that is dedicated to 3D research and will open its 3D elements in about two weeks….