Recent Studies

3M Research Shows Consumers Value Wide-Angle Viewing on Their LCD TVs

HDTV Magazine.  A new study commissioned by 3M shows that American consumers want high brightness and quality no matter at what angle they view their…

For Advertising, Study Says More Screens Are Better

New York Times.  The conventional wisdom deems that many consumers may become confused or overwhelmed when ads are aimed at them on different screens in multiple…

Study Answers the Question: “What makes People ‘APPy?’”

CTAM.  Video Apps Lead to Greater TV Engagement; Over Half Access Video Apps in a Car via Smartphones
(National Harbor, MD—August 1, 2011) – A new study…

Consumer Interest High for 3DTV Viewing With Some Concerns

Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM). Although most consumers love the immersive video experience of 3DTV, new research has uncovered concerns that suggest the technology faces some tough early challenges……

Video Consumption Study Completed for CABA

CABA. The study was prepared for CABA by CBS Vision and Comscore and examined viewing decisions; video suggestions and recommendations; new technology purchases; portable devices; future video preferences; and video content purchases….