Top Quality Respondents

Television City is a popular free entertainment destination, drawing a steady stream of potential research candidates.

Transparent Recruitment

Our 100% transparent recruitment process means you actively participate in developing qualification questionnaires and receive all respondent answers. Respondents are carefully pre-screened, and only qualified participants are assigned to appropriate studies by our on-site recruiters.

Motivated Respondents

Owing to our location in Las Vegas, Television City has access to a diverse pool of candidates from a full variety of geographic, sociological, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. In addition, our respondents are intrinsically interested in participating in our studies, unlike professional respondents primarily motivated by money. For example, respondents typically participate in our recruitment surveys without any promise of financial compensation, and the vast majority receives no financial reward for their efforts.

Coveted Audiences

Need an upscale target? Television City can recruit tech-savvy and digitally connected respondents, college graduates, and those with a HHI $100,000 or more.

What may surprise you is that Television City respondents are psychologically representative of the society at large. A recent Xyte study revealed the psychological profile of our respondents very closely matches that of the general United States population on each of 16 personality types.

Best of all, Television City offers access to “non-responders” who don’t typically participate in market research studies:

  • 47% of Television City respondents have never taken an online survey
  • 55% have never taken a telephone survey
  • 60% have never taken a mail survey
  • 68% have never taken a survey in a mall or public setting
  • 88% have never taken a survey on a mobile device

No matter your target, Television City delivers. Contact us today for a FREE incidence test!