Location, Location, Location

Each year, more than 35 million people from around the world visit Las Vegas, Television City’s home. In the heart of the Vegas strip, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino provides an ideal spot to house our large 9,000 square foot, state-of-the-art research facility.

For example, the MGM Grand features a major concert venue among other top attractions and is the first and last stop for the Las Vegas Monorail. Within this location, a continuous flow of traffic from a diverse cross-section of social, ethnic, and economic classes enables Television City to conduct research 365 days a year. Our close proximity to major attractions translates into +100,000 people passing through our hallways each week.

The real testament to our location advantage lies in the exceptional respondent recruitment results we deliver every year:

  • 83,000 research participants
  • 10s of thousands of individual screening tests
  • 300+ focus groups
  • 500+ one-on-one interviews

Television City’s participant recruitment process typically includes no promise of financial compensation, yet we receive high marks across the board about the research experience:

  • 95% of participants say they enjoyed the experience
  • 86% would participate again
  • 86% would recommend Television City to friends