Technology: Morae Testing Software

Improve the design of your website, mobile phone, GPS unit, software, or hardware by testing your product in the hands of engaged consumers. Capture respondent behavior and reactions during testing with our dynamic Morae Testing Software. Every nuance of your online or product testing session is at your disposal with hard data and vivid examples of your product’s usability strengths and weaknesses.

How it works

Morae cameras and software capture respondent behavior and actions in real time during your testing session, including respondents’ on-screen clicks, keystrokes, task time, success rates, product button-pushing, navigation of on-screen product menus, and any advertising viewed during testing. At the same time, the Morae recording device also focuses on the respondent’s face, capturing all verbal and nonverbal reactions.

Additional functionality enables you to:

  • Use a moderator/facilitator or auto-pilot mode so respondents can self-direct testing
  • View data live or once testing is completed
  • Record your own notes, indexed to the video, to work with data later
  • Watch multiple respondents simultaneously
  • Utilize Morae’s toolset of results, including standard usability metrics, such as effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction measurements for all website testing
  • Find all comments on the same task across all recordings
  • Drag charts and tables into reports, and export video clips directly to presentations

Plus, Morae Testing Software can be used in combination with other Television City technology, such as Tobii Eye Tracking or a post-test respondent survey.