Technology: NeuroFocus Brainwave Analysis

Get as close as possible to understanding consumers’ subconscious response to your video clips and marketing materials with brainwave analysis from the world’s largest neuromarketing research firm, NeuroFocus. This revolutionary testing system was created by Dr. A.K. Pradeep, a pioneer of leveraging neuroscientific principles in the marketing discipline.

How It Works

Respondents wear a skullcap fitted with 64 individual sensors that measure the primary metrics of the brain’s response, while the subject views advertising, programming, or promotional announcements. NeuroFocus captures reactions 2,000 times per second from each sensor using sophisticated electroencephalogram (EEG) methodologies.

NeuroFocus helps to answer key marketing questions around:

  • Attention Levels: How successful is the stimulus at grabbing consumer interest?
  • Emotional Engagement: How effectively does the stimulus engage consumers?
  • Memory Retention: Do consumers move the message into long-term memory?