Technology: Eye Tracking

See through the eyes of your respondents with Tobii Eye Tracking or EyeTech. These advanced technologies measures exactly where a respondent looks while they interact with a stimulus, and where their gaze tends to move throughout interaction. Use eye tracking with testing of any type of media, including: websites, software, video games, TV programming, movies, commercials, promos, and print advertising.

Eye tracking enables you to:

  • Watch how viewers navigate through a website, television or print ad
  • Analyze attention points, duration spent on each attention point, and viewing order
  • Determine what users find important/interesting and what’s ignored
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of branding and logo placement
  • Identify Internet search patterns and strategies
  • Compare the branding impacts of different ad positions on a website

The analytical software provides study results in a number of different formats, including gaze plots, heat maps, and clusters. Plus, eye tracking can be used in combination with other Television City research tools, such as Morae Testing Software or a post-test respondent survey.