The opportunity to get up-close and personal with your audience used to be a rare luxury. Now, it’s essential. Today’s marketing relies on building deep and lasting trust relationships with individual consumers that create loyalty and advocacy.

You need to engage your customers and prospects more deeply than before and understand them more thoroughly. You need to watch them react to and interact with your products, and read their non-verbal communications – the “tells” that a poker player would use to spot someone’s intention to hold, fold or go all in.

This highly interpersonal approach to research can yield richer insights and new ideas that empower you to keep growing these relationships and your business.

The 1-on-1 interview gives you all of these advantages. Talking face to face with a qualified, engaged respondent provides a wealth of qualitative data we can collect and you can take to market.

When both parties are able to devote their full attention to the topic under discussion and to each other, they can develop a rapport that turns an interview into a conversation between friends. Both have an equal interest and investment in the subject and the outcome. And the conversation can open up and take off in different and surprising directions. Television City always strives to create this rapport and realize its potential.

Conducting a successful 1-on-1 interview requires a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives, meticulous planning and the right respondent in a comfortable, welcoming, stimulating environment. It also requires an expert personal interviewer.

TVC brings all of these critical elements together to make the most of each one-on-one and help you the deeper understanding and insights that lead to better decisions and better results.

  • Perception Analyzers can be added to any quant and qual studies
  • Biometrics technology is available to extract additional key data
  • Video recording is available to document session for sharing and future reference



Working with Television City is always a great experience for us. They provide excellent customer service and recruiting, and the facility meets all of our expectations.

Director, Worldwide Marketing Insights at a global entertainment and electronics brand

I love the diversity of respondents I find at TV City and am always enlightened at the fresh perspectives and insights revealed within my focus groups.

Founder/President of a global research and development institute

We and our clients have had great success at Television City and are always impressed. Consistently, the respondents are fresh, articulate and engaged – and truly representative of our expectations.

Founding Partner of a global research and design consultancy

Television City in Las Vegas is one of the best facilities I’ve used for consumer research. The quality of the people they recruit are top-notch, most of whom have never participated in a market research study — so the insights you receive are truly ‘voice of the customer.’

Market Research Manager of a global software and technology corporation

We love working with the Television City team. They’re a top notch group who really understand project management, leverage their excellent location to provide a national recruit of highly engaged respondents, and are on top of the latest technology, all of which are critical for our projects.

Vice President, Client Consulting of a global consumer data company

We trust the team at Television City to make respondents feel at home during their time there and make them comfortable in sharing their true reactions to our program ideas and full-length episodes.

Senior Vice President of Research at a global factual and lifestyle media network