& Surveys

Beyond simply meeting your target specifications, we align our recruitment goals with your research goals and seek respondents who have the ability to effectively contribute to the success of every study and survey.

Our recruitment process is top-notch in every respect. It begins with intercepting and pre-screening potential respondents from the huge, everchanging pool of guests and visitors at MGM Grand. We also attract guests from eight other MGM Resorts International properties located near MGM Grand.

These guests come from across the country and around the world. So, we have continuous access to a representative sample of the nationwide U.S. market, as well as many international markets.

Guests are recruited in person and online. However, all potential respondents are pre-screened on our Ticket Box app. This automated system enables guests to identify and pre-qualify themselves for any study without recruiter bias or interference. Pre-qualified guests are ID checked and further screened and vetted to ensure suitability.

As a result, we can deliver a steady stream of fresh, high-quality respondents for polls, clinics, live events and surveys. And because we don’t rely on a limited pool of veteran “panel professions,” our respondents always yield candid, authentic feedback and true, accurate data.

We recruit for hundreds of studies each year and our clients trust us to deliver high-quality respondents for their most important and challenging projects, regardless of the subject or the methodology.

We make sure respondents can interact and express themselves effectively. That they will be cooperative and engaged throughout the session. And we make sure they fully understand the operation and purpose of the response and data collection technologies being used.

Successful recruitment depends on more than tracking down respondents and convincing them to participate in a survey. Researchers need to know that our guest respondents will deliver the data they need. Our recruitment and qualifying process assures it.

  • Perception Analyzers can be added to any quant and qual studies
  • Biometrics technology is available to extract additional key data
  • Video recording is available to document session for sharing and future reference



Working with Television City is always a great experience for us. They provide excellent customer service and recruiting, and the facility meets all of our expectations.

Director, Worldwide Marketing Insights at a global entertainment and electronics brand

I love the diversity of respondents I find at TV City and am always enlightened at the fresh perspectives and insights revealed within my focus groups.

Founder/President of a global research and development institute

We and our clients have had great success at Television City and are always impressed. Consistently, the respondents are fresh, articulate and engaged – and truly representative of our expectations.

Founding Partner of a global research and design consultancy

Television City in Las Vegas is one of the best facilities I’ve used for consumer research. The quality of the people they recruit are top-notch, most of whom have never participated in a market research study — so the insights you receive are truly ‘voice of the customer.’

Market Research Manager of a global software and technology corporation

We love working with the Television City team. They’re a top notch group who really understand project management, leverage their excellent location to provide a national recruit of highly engaged respondents, and are on top of the latest technology, all of which are critical for our projects.

Vice President, Client Consulting of a global consumer data company

We trust the team at Television City to make respondents feel at home during their time there and make them comfortable in sharing their true reactions to our program ideas and full-length episodes.

Senior Vice President of Research at a global factual and lifestyle media network