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Las Vegas is the entertainment and gaming capital of the world. Each year, Vegas welcomes more than 42 million visitors from all 50 states and many countries around the globe – people of all shapes, sizes, colors, generations and walks of life. All with the goal of having some serious fun.






The World Comes
To Las Vegas

The World Comes To MGM Grand

Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, MGM Grand offers and world-class accommodations, attractions and amenities.

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MGM Grand is a magnet for national and international visitors in Vegas for business and/or pleasure. With more than 5,000 guest rooms, entertainment, gaming, dining, shopping and convention facilities in one location just minutes from McCarran International Airport, it’s an ideal site for recruiting respondents to participate in market research.

And the MGM is a stone’s throw from eight other MGM Resorts International properties, each providing different experiences to a different consumer segment. Because Television City is promoted in all of these resorts, their guests add to our already huge pool of potential respondents from across the country and around the world.


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The World Comes To Television City

Television City is located inside MGM Grand on a popular, high-traffic dining and shopping corridor known as The District.

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Only 7% of Las Vegas visitors come to gamble, but more than 45% come to vacation and party. These visitors are always searching for high-quality, high-value experiences and Television City is a premier entertainment attraction like nothing else in Vegas.

We engage qualified respondents in serious consumer research and drive focused, enthusiastic participation. But it’s fascinating, it’s fun and it’s free.

And our automated Ticket Box app enables our guests to identify, screen and qualify themselves for any study without recruiter bias or interference. We can deliver a steady stream of fresh respondents for every session, instead of a revolving door of veteran “panel professions.” Our guests yield candid, authentic responses and true, high-quality data.

As a result, our clients can access a representative nationwide audience sample at one state-of-the-art facility in one amazing location. They can come to one city to find and test their target audiences, and avoid the significant time and travel costs required to test in multiple cities.

And, like everything else in Vegas, Television City is open 365 days a year, including holidays, so we can capture audiences other market research companies may miss.


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Global Brands Come To Television City

For more than 20 years, our facilities and expertise have served discerning clients in multiple industries from around the world.

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Our clients can use cutting-edge, technology, methodologies and analyses to answer their most important questions. And we deliver the accurate, high quality data that optimize their strategies, tactics, products and services for success.

And no other market research and data collection company can offer the comprehensive client services and the unique client experience available at Television City.


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Deep Experience & Expertise

Our management team has more than 50 years of market research experience, but everyone at TVC is among the best at what they do.

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Of all the reasons to choose TVC, perhaps the best is our people. Our diverse team of full-time professionals includes, bi-lingual recruiters and hosts, skilled technicians and polished, experienced moderators. All working to find the right respondents for every session and make sure everything runs flawlessly and productively.

Our expert programmers, interviewers and analysts understand your needs and objectives, as well as the nuanced methodologies and science behind the data we generate and collect. And from recruiting to reporting, our top-flight client service ensures consistently high-quality results and fast turn times 365 days a year.


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Working with Television City is always a great experience for us. They provide excellent customer service and recruiting, and the facility meets all of our expectations.

Director, Worldwide Marketing Insights at a global entertainment and electronics brand

I love the diversity of respondents I find at TV City and am always enlightened at the fresh perspectives and insights revealed within my focus groups.

Founder/President of a global research and development institute

We and our clients have had great success at Television City and are always impressed. Consistently, the respondents are fresh, articulate and engaged – and truly representative of our expectations.

Founding Partner of a global research and design consultancy

Television City in Las Vegas is one of the best facilities I’ve used for consumer research. The quality of the people they recruit are top-notch, most of whom have never participated in a market research study — so the insights you receive are truly ‘voice of the customer.’

Market Research Manager of a global software and technology corporation

We love working with the Television City team. They’re a top notch group who really understand project management, leverage their excellent location to provide a national recruit of highly engaged respondents, and are on top of the latest technology, all of which are critical for our projects.

Vice President, Client Consulting of a global consumer data company

We trust the team at Television City to make respondents feel at home during their time there and make them comfortable in sharing their true reactions to our program ideas and full-length episodes.

Senior Vice President of Research at a global factual and lifestyle media network